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About Us

Purchased in the early-80s, the hotel has been in continuous operation ever since. But what was purchased and what you see today are two entirely different things, as we've made significant improvements - both inside and out - though the years. Highlights include:

* Early-90s: building the nine hole par-3 course, which has more recently morphed into our Disc Golf course.

  • * Late-90s: the addition of the "Resort" building, creating 26 new guests rooms, a relocated and improved front desk, the Garden Room and Banquet Hall.
  • * Late-00s: relocating and installing a new pool and kiddie pool area

And, of course, the remodel work never ends, keeping our diligent maintenance staff extremely busy. One recent job that we're very excited about was the removal of carpet and installation of tile floors in all 50 "Lodge" rooms. Another big job that recently wrapped was the repainting of the entire exterior...50 gallons of paint!

But it truly is a labor of love, and we're confident that these continual upgrades and improvements will make your next stay with us a wonderful one. Thank you very much for your patronage.

The Bonnell Family